Our Culture

What is Reflex Media all about? We’re so glad you asked.


Reflex Media is where incredible ideas come to life. We ideate, develop, and market digital brands all under one roof, with a focus on highly engaging customer experiences. Think of us as a think tank, software company, and marketing team combined.
We’re here to raise the bar.

Our Approach

A business’s potential is defined by the people within it. Our mission is to support each individual’s development, with a focus on both soft and hard skills. Cross-promoting and cross-training from within always takes priority, and each team member’s personal growth is our mission.

Our Team Dynamic

We encourage our team members to take ownership of their work. They are the experts of what they do, and our goal is to make room for everyone’s zone of genius. Reflex Media does this while also maintaining an environment of extreme groundedness. We never stop growing, and we respect and honor our processes by always keeping an open mind to what we can learn from each other.

Senior Leadership

Brandon Wey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

When you lead with compassion, empathy, and love, you guide the person rather than the position or title they hold. Our goal is to lead people to improve every day and, by doing so, continually improve our organization.

Talida Toma

Chief Marketing Officer

As curators and developers of international brands, we approach our corporate growth goals and staff with a multi-cultural mindset. It’s the understanding that no two regions are entirely identical. That is why we take the time and effort to understand their individual nuances to ensure success in every aspect of our organization. 

Hoony Youn

Chief Product Officer

In a world and environment that is constantly changing, we work together to take advantage of opportunities and build unique products for our customers.

Teresa Lemon

Vice President of Finance and HR

“People are our greatest assets. The value they can retain is priceless.”

Daryl Webster

Vice President of Customer Experience

Dynamic leadership nourishes change by teaching empathy with every customer interaction. This philosophy encourages a proactive approach to customer service by not only answering the immediate questions, but also identifying the next steps. This method allows our team to relate to each individual customer and their unique situation.

Ulysses Diaz

Director of Program Management

“Our PMO’s focus is to drive value and empower the people around us through positivity and encouragement. We lean on each other during the bad days and channel that energy into creative solutions for complex problems.We are the result of an empathetic and open minded homogenous organization where everyone has a seat at the table. Nothing makes me happier than watching individuals and their ideas succeed in a thriving environment.”

I Love the collaborative energy here. Every department brings something unique to the table, and there’s always an opportunity to learn from one another. We help each other and grow!

Selena Tran

The work/life balance I’ve been able to experience at Reflex so far has been unmatched. With their flex PTO policy, I now have the freedom to live my life and be a productive team member at the same time.”

Amelia Kohr

There is always something to laugh about every single day at Reflex Media. I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be creative and if it doesn’t work out, I’m supported to learn lessons, dust myself off and try again. At Reflex Media I​​​ feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities​.

Julia Porche-Garcia

I always describe Reflex Media as a company of opportunity. There are so many opportunities to grow not only as an individual but to grow within a community of talented collaborators.

Abrianna Davis

Reflex is a fun, exciting, and sometimes unpredictable environment where your ideas will flourish and you can freely express yourself. I’ve loved building a career here.

Katana Elgueras

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