What We Do

What does a product development and brand management company do? Keep scrolling for more details on our processes.

Industries We Serve

We’re experts, not generalists. Here are the industries we create digital brands around.


Our experiences in the field supersedes traditional dating forms of communication and expand into the realm of social. We understand that everyone is unique and is searching for others that share their same passions. There is someone for everyone, and we want to be part of making those connections. We’re here to solve problems.

Product Development

We’re a passionate group of Product Managers, UI/UX Designers, and Software Engineers dedicated to making the best products possible, while keeping our users both front and center.

Our team is at the center of making it all happen. From how our users interact with our products to ensuring that they have the best experiences possible.


To satisfy the growth of home shopping, we’ve researched, tested and created a focus on gift-giving that has proven results. We know our customers and we continue to create valuable and compelling content to satisfy their wants.


Working directly with international fashion producers, we’ve combined gift-giving with next level style, swag, and jewelry. Being fashion-forward is just the first step in finding and defining your personal unique appeal.

Our Expertise

How exactly do we go about building and launching our brands?
Here’s a taste of what’s happening at Reflex Media.

Customer Support

Providing support to our loyal communities is one of our pillars. Every company we launch has a backbone of quality customer service.


We’re obsessed with quality, which means designing flawless user experiences. The goal is simple: Make it as easy as possible for customers to get what they need.

Product Development

We create digital custom solutions to solve our users’ everday problems. In fact, at the core of everything, we are problem-solvers.


Markets are saturated and competition is tight. We lean into PR, social media, email marketing, and creative design to get the word out to audiences.

Data Science

Everything we do is data-driven. We use metrics and analytics to steer our marketing, user experiences, and new products across all brands.


IT provides the backbone of the various products and systems that keep the world of Reflex going.  Utilizing state of the art cloud based systems we specialize in ML/AI, running in containerized environments.

People Operations

We handle all the finance and accounting, human resources, and management in house. Our approach is holistic, and people are at the center of every decision we make.

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